Fotini M.

Greek language teacher

Graduated from the University of Crete. My BA is on Literature, specialized on Linguistics.

Finishing my way through my MA on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Attended multiple seminars related to language, culture and education such as Transcultural Education, Special Education, Emotional Intelligence for teaching and more. My experience on teaching started with an internship at a high school for my Bachelor’s degree.

Then, I continued with serving as a Greek Language teacher in a Greek school in UK and carried on with private classes for English and Arabic speakers. My approach on teaching focuses on the needs of each student personally and an accordingly prepared material.

Communicational language is my fav, but at the same time I am nerdy enough to make you fall in love with deeper understanding of how language functions (grammar, but without the need to just memorize), the history and the culture it is connected with.

This is why I love using songs and other cool tools to make you embody it! My mantra for teaching is “to be in the shoes of my student”.

Looking forward to meet you and share with you a lovely class!

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