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Composer, Arranger, Mixing / Mastering Engineer, Musician and Sound Designer , Theo NT (Ntavas) has dedicated his life to the creation of music.

Although many with Theo’s talent would be content to rely upon natural ability alone, Theo has chosen to take the path of a true professional by immersing himself in the study of his craft.

Prior to graduating from high school with honors, Theo studied guitar and advanced theory at the Music School in Larissa, Greece.

He continued his study of theory at the Music School in Rethimno, Crete, where he also began classical music education and advanced vocal training and obtained a BSc in Economics.

At the same time, he took on-line vocal lessons from Jaime Vendera, one of the most sought-after vocal coaches on the planet, and Brett Manning, whose client list includes Grammy-winning artists.

Theo then attended the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff where he studied music production and engineering, and concluded his studies with a thesis on compositional exploration and technological introduction to music with Logic Pro.


  • [Dead Poets Society – Dead Poets Society ( 2010)] -Guitarist/Singer, Composer, Producer, Lyricist
  • [Rebecca Wise Girson (FL,USA,2013) Producer/Arranger
  • (Producer – 2014)
  • [The weeping Clown – The World is a vampire EP 2014
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